What’s coming up on the PeopleClues development roadmap?

The PeopleClues development team have a busy 2017 planned with a range of improvements and new features, as you will see from the rather attractive illustration. I wanted to pick out a couple of important releases for you:

PeopleClues Roadmap

PeopleClues Roadmap

New ‘Report Manager’ upgrade available now

We are now able to offer customers a neat new upgrade on their annual licence renewal. It is called Report Manager and, when activated, delivers a candidate’s reports in a single PDF document via email instantly as they submit. The main benefit, once in place, is that it is no longer necessary to log in to your portal each time to access scores and reports. They are available with one click.

There is a small extra licence fee for using the service. If you’d like to get this upgrade early, please get in touch.

Mobile access

As many customers know, fully mobile-enabling the assessments so they are delivered one question at a time for candidates using a smartphone, has been a long-term project. This should be finished in late Spring 2017. Testing may add a bit more time.

It is possible to take the assessments now on a phone, but this will make it much easier with no scrolling to read each question. This will be a free upgrade for all customers.

If you have any other queries or concerns about your PeopleClues screening tool, please get in touch by calling 0845 604 8064 or send an email.